Orchid Growing Information

The American OrchidSociety has a wealth of information about growing orchids, below are links to information on their website.

Also included are some other websites with orchid growing information.

AOS Culture Sheets 
These are downloadable culture sheets for 14 of the more frequently seen orchid genera.

AOS Video Library
These are self contained videos, all you need is speakers to listen to the videos.  Topics include repotting, orchid pests and culture information.

AOS Orchid Ailments, Pests and Diseases 
These are articles taken from the AOS monthly magazine Orchids. 

These are answers to many basic questions about growing orchids, some of them include short videos.  This is a good place for a beginner to learn about orchids

AOS Additional Orchid Resources 
Additional information about growing indoors and outdoors, greenhouses, culture information, general information, a basic orchid glossary, book reviews, other orchid organizations, reference information, websites, and internet photo libraries.

AOS Q & A 
These are questions and answers about specific orchids, orchid culture, environmental conditions and other aspects about growing orchids.

Sean Morrissy's Beginners Guide to Growing Orchids
Sean's blog provides a great amount of orchid growing information for both the beginner and more experienced growers.

Writhlington Orchid Project (England)
This site is an ongoing project that provides a wealth of growing information about numerous orchid species.